What is marketing?

what is marketing

By Parasolla | Updated on June 06, 2022

What is marketing?

What is marketing?
What are the types of marketing?
How to use marketing to promote your products?
These are some common questions you find on social media every day. If you want to know the answers to those questions, keep reading.

Marketing definition

You may find a lot of different definitions of Marketing as the marketing process changes depending on the market environment. 

Therefore, we’ve chosen to define marketing in its simplest form as following:

“Marketing is the process of converting consumer's needs and wants to a Product”

You may ask yourself, “why do we need to convert people’s desire to a product?! We need to sell products not creating products!!”

That’s true! But how can you sell a product to a customer without his want!

This is the big mistake that some companies do these days. 

They create a worthless product and they look for someone to buy it!

Types of marketing 

Generally, you can market anything. Therefore, we are going to share with you the main three types of marketing:

Goods marketing: 

This is the most common type of marketing and it focuses on marketing physical items such as phones, laptops, clothes, and food.

Services marketing:

 It’s another type of marketing. Where it is used to market special services either online or offline such as education, health care, and online courses.

Places marketing: 

in order to attract tourists to a town or a city, you need to market that place. There are many ways to do that such us movies, songs, and ads.

How to market a product. 

(4 PS of marketing)

Most articles on the internet provide general ways to market products without talking about “Marketing mix” or” 4PS of marketing” which is the most important part of any marketing process.
So, what are the four PS of marketing?
And how can you use them to market your product?
The four Ps of marketing are:


It refers to the type of the product you produce and it can be a good such as clothes or service such as financial accounting, etc.
Before you start producing any type of products, you need to analyze the following questions:
What is the product?
Who will buy it?
Why will the targeted customers buy it?
If you could find accurate answers to those questions, you would pass the first step successfully. 



After you identified a useful product for your customers. It’s time to talk about the appropriate price for them. 
All you have to do is to ask yourself another question.
If I was a customer, how much money would I pay to get that product?
Depending on your answer, you will choose the appropriate price for your product.



Now, you have a useful product and an appropriate price. It’s time to choose the right place to sell your product. 
“You can’t sell water in Antarctica, but you can sell it in Sahara desert because it’s so hot there and the people are thirsty”
That was a simple example. As a result, you always have to look for your customers in the right place.
For instance, you can open a stationery store close to a school or university where all the students will need to buy from you.
In conclusion, if you want to know the right place to sell your product, ask yourself. Where can I find my targeted customers? 



This is the last factor to market any product. You have a useful product, you knew the appropriate price for your customers, and you chose the right place to sell it.
The last step is promotion. 
Promotion is collecting the previous factors “the useful Product, appropriate price, and the right place” in one AD to let people know your product.
There are too many ways to promote your product.
Here are some examples:
1. Email Marketing
2. Facebook Ads
3. YouTube Ads
4. Google Ads
5. Press Releases
6. Influencer Marketing
7. Podcast Ads
8. TV & Radio

No matter which way you choose to promote your product, what matters most is your ad quality as it is the most important factor to attract more customers.

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