8 Tips to manage home finances

By Parasolla | Updated on June 11, 2022

8 Tips to manage home finances

Spending without having a plan will waste your money without getting the results you want especially if you have a family and children. 

So, you should understand how to manage your home finance to buy what you need and save money at the same time.

In this article, we will share with you the best 8 tips to manage your home finance successfully.

1. Track your home spending

Before thinking about controlling your money finance, you should track all your home spending and know the exact amount of money you spend every month. 

If you are at the end of the month and you don’t remember what you spent through the month, you can write approximate numbers of your home spending.

Tracking your spending means that you should calculate all the money that you spend. When we talk about “YOU”, we mean all your family members inside the home.

2. Calculate your monthly income

The second important factor you need to consider to control your home finances is to calculate your monthly income because you will make your plan depending on your income. 

So, you should calculate your net income before spending anything. If there is more than one income, you should gather them and calculate the final result.

If you have a yearly income, you can divide it into 12 months as your plan is monthly. 

After you calculated your net monthly income, you can create a plan depending on the following tips.

3. Pay the bills on time.

The first thing you must do before spending your income on anything is to pay all your house bills such as water, electricity, insurance… etc.

In this way, you will allocate money for the essential things and you will not get surprised because of unexpected bills.

If your bills haven’t come yet, you must allocate money for them to avoid forgetting them and paying with benefits. As a result, you will save your money from spending on worthless things.

4. Create a list of your needs

After you paid for all your essential needs. This step will help you control everything in your plan.

Your needs are the things you must buy every month and you can’t live without them such as food, clothes, transportation, … etc.


Making a list of your monthly needs and allocating money for them is another positive point as you will be able to calculate the essential spending that you have to pay every month.

5. Make a plan to manage home expenses

Creating a plan is one of the most important things you should do to manage your home expenses. If you have some experience in using the computer, you can use Microsoft excel and create a table to manage your home expenses.

Your plan must have all the following parts:

Your income

Monthly bills

Your needs

Your Savings 

Money for entertainment

All you have to do to build a successful plan is to divide your monthly income into the previous parts to have a clear vision. As a result, you will spend and save money at the same time.

Also, you must be accurate with the numbers to get the best results and avoid wasting your money. In addition, creating a perfect plan will enable you to save the highest available amount of money every month.

6. Find ways to save money

One of the main reasons for making a plan for your home expenses is to save more money. So, you can take advantage of your plan and try to find ways to save more money. 


For example, you can buy things from the shops that have discounts and save the extra. Also, you can avoid buying worthless things that don’t give you many benefits.


In addition, you can cancel unnecessary subscriptions. For example, if you are subscribed to a sports club but you can’t attend this month because of some other responsibilities, you can cancel it and reactive it later when you are available.


There are too many ways to save more money and they can be different from one person to another. So, you should always analyze your spending and find new ways to save more money.   

7. Try to improve your income

If you want to improve your life quality, you must find a way to increase your monthly income as your income is the major factor in getting whatever you want.


There are too many ways to increase your monthly income depending on your situation. If you are an employee, you can learn new skills and get more experiences to get promoted and get a better salary.


Increasing your income will improve your financial situation and give you full control of your home finances as you will be able to pay all your bills comfortably and get the things that can make your life better 

8. Allocate a specific amount of money for entertainment

Creating a plan to manage your home expenses doesn’t mean that you must cancel all your leisure activities. It is the opposite. Managing your home finances will let you get more leisure activities with less money.


Hence, you should know what activities you will do every month, how much money you will spend, and how you can do it with the lowest costs.


Allocating money for leisure activities will let you get a deep idea about the possible expenses you may do in the future and check if you can do it.


In this way, all your expenses will be allocated and you will be able to spend and save money at the same time.

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