How to increase home value for appraisal in 9 ways

By Parasolla | Updated on June 25, 2022

How to increase home value for appraisal in 9 ways

Trying to increase your home value can give you the chance to sell it at a higher price. Also, this process can be easy but its effect can be pretty good.

There are too many things to do to increase your home value and they are different from one house to another.

So, all you have to do today to increase your home value is to try the following 9 ways that can increase your home value to the highest available price.

1. Clean your home

The first way you can do to increase your home value is to clean it and make it the best version of itself.

When we talk about cleaning, we mean that you have to make your house attractive and good. As a result, the customers will like to buy your house.

In order to clean the house, you need to make a plan to clean everything inside your homes such as the furniture, doors, windows, and the house garden.

Imagine that someone wanted to buy your house and found it dirty! 

Of course, no one wants to buy a dirty house. So, you should use this point and clean your house in the best way.

If your house is small, you can clean it yourself. But if you have a big house, you can contact a cleaning house.

2. Paint

Cleaning your house can be a good idea to increase its value. But, what if your house walls can’t be cleaned!

Of course, you need to find a better way to increase your house value. The best way to solve this problem is to paint your house.

So, you should make a plan to paint your whole house and make it more beautiful and attractive. In addition, painting the house can be cheap in comparison with the price you can get after painting.

You should be aware that you need to paint your house in a professional way to give it a beautiful view. This means, Don’t try to paint it yourself to save a few cents if you are not professional at painting. 

Instead of that, you can arrange a company to do that for you. All you have to do is to choose the most appropriate colors that can add a valuable view to your house and increase its price at the same time. 

3. Add architectural designs

If you wanted to increase the home value for appraisal, you can try to add architectural designs to your home to make it more comfortable and a better place for living.

So, you should ask yourself what kind of architectural designs you can add to your home. For example, you can add a small fountain to your home garden.

If you don’t have valuable ideas, you can ask an architectural company to do that for you and give you new ideas.

4. Work on your curb appeal

If your house does not have a good curb appeal, you should consider it on your list to change it when you want to increase your home value.

The curb appeal is very important because it gives the first impression to the customers and can increase your home value. 

To change the curb appeal, you must hire staff to do that. The point of changing it is to get an attractive view. So, you should pick up a perfect design.

5. Change your Furniture in the home

The fifth strategy that can help you increase the value of your home is to change your furniture to give your home a better view and higher value.

Changing your furniture can be costly a little bit but it is very useful and it will increase your home price. 

You have many choices to change your furniture but it is highly recommended to coordinate the furniture with home design. For example, if your home is classical, you can choose a classical design to get the best results.

If you don’t know what is the best choice for your home, you can ask for help from an expert person to give you advice and show you new ideas as well.   

6. Change windows and doors

These kinds of updates are not essential if your home doesn’t need any changes and you are comfortable with current windows and doors.

In case of having problems with some doors or windows, you should change them to make your house more comfortable and increase your home value for appraisal. 

Also, you should change your windows and doors if they are old and not appropriate for your home design.

If changing your windows or doors is costly, you can fix and paint them to avoid spending a lot of money.

7. Change the flooring

The floor is another important factor that can help you increase your home value because it can give your home a special beauty and attract customers at the same time.

So, if your home floor has problems, you must fix them immediately because these kinds of problems can increase and decrease your home value dramatically.

There is an important point you need to consider when you want to fix the floor, you must consider the beauty of your house as the main factor. In other words, the process of changing flooring must increase your home value. 

8. Update the bath and kitchen 

Another way in our list to increase your home value is the bath and kitchen which are important factors when you want to sell your house.

Updating the bath and kitchen is essential if they have problems because they can affect your home value significantly. Also, nobody may like to buy your house at the price you want.

So, you must consider changing them to get the price you want. And don’t worry about the cost because of how much you spend on those two things, you can get it later when you want to sell your house.

9. Work on the garden

The garden is another important way that can help you increase your house value and give it beauty at the same time.

If your house has a garden, you should start thinking about improving it and plant cultivation to add a beautiful view to your home. Also, you can add flowers, lights, and designs to improve your garden.

The choices you can do for your garden are different depending on your garden space. In case you have a large garden, you can contact a specialized company to support you and update your garden in a short time.

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