Make money from your blog

By Parasolla | Updated on July 28, 2022

Make money from your blog

The main goal of creating a blog is to make money from it. There are too many ways to earn money from your blog but you should be aware that having a blog without good content and enough visitors will generate you NOTHING.


Everyone in the world can start a blog but not everyone can make money from it. The purpose of the “Create a blog” service in Parasolla is to teach you how to start a blog in the RIGHT way and start earning from it.

Earning money from your blog is the hardest part. So, you should understand how it works precisely to avoid wasting your time and money.


The main four steps to make money from your blog:

1. Create your blog

2. Build your Email List

3. Promote your blog

4. Make money from your blog


You should understand that these steps work IN ORDER. And trying to pass one of the previous steps will make problems in the future and your blog will fail. 

For example, trying to make money without promoting your blog will be worthless. And trying to promote your blog without having an email marketing service on your blog will waste a lot of your money. 

So, when you succeed in the first three steps, you can move to the last step which is “Make money from your blog”


How much do bloggers make?

Some bloggers make a LOT of money and others make $0 each month. When we talk about successful bloggers, we talk about the people who can make over $10,000 a month.


Also, some bloggers make over $100,000. Those bloggers could work for a long time and produce high-quality content continuously. 

Earning money from your blog depends on many factors such as:

1. Your monthly visitors: 

The quality of your traffic is the most important thing when it comes to getting traffic. Trying to drive traffic to your blog randomly will not bring you high-quality visitors “The people who like to buy from you”

2. The way you use to make money: 

There are a lot of ways to make money from your blog. We are going to talk about the most common ways in the next paragraph

3. The sales you make each month: 

The equation is pretty simple, If you could get more sales, you would earn more money



Ways to make money from your blog


1. Ads Networks

This is the first way and the most common way to start earning from blogging. All you have to do is to run ads on your blog through an advertising company such as Google AdSense. After that, you will get money when your visitors click on ads.

You can know more about this way from Google AdSense Site.

This way is easy to use but to generate a good amount of money, you must have good traffic. This means you should have at least 50,000 visitors every month to achieve a good income. 

However, this way can be effective when you start getting millions of visitors from search engines each month. So, you can consider this way when you have good organic traffic.


2. Affiliate Marketing 

Sell and get a commission, this is another way to start making money from your blog. And it is one of the good ways to increase your blog earnings in a short time “6 months” Don’t expect to get success overnight. 


In this kind of program, you can apply to affiliate programs from the companies such as Amazon Associate Program and start selling their products on your site. 


Starting with affiliate marketing is not easy and you need to work hard to promote your blog and start getting sales. Also, you should keep sending your affiliate links to subscribers on your email list. In addition, you should try to build an audience on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube to promote your links.

3. Sell Companies Products 

Affiliate marketing is not the only way to sell products through links. You can buy products from companies and start selling them on your blog. 

In this way, you can provide a better experiment to your visitors and you can transfer your blog visitors to customers. Also, selling products directly to your clients is better because you can provide better customer service as you have the product in your store and you know everything about it.

To start selling companies' products on your blog, you need to invest some money to buy products and offer them on your blog. If you don’t have enough money, you can find some suppliers to support you. 

For example, you can make a deal with some suppliers where you will add their products to your blog. 

When a client buys from you, you will buy from the supplier. In this way, you don’t need to invest money in buying products but you can do that in the future when you make a good income from your blog.

4. Sell Your Products 

This is the last way on our list. And it is included in the last phases of success in blogging.

When you achieve 6 figures from your blog, you can start thinking about producing your products. Usually, this kind of money making ways can cost a lot of money.

For example, if your blog is about dogs, you can start a small business about producing and selling dog supplies. In this way, you will be able to sell your products easily and fast. Also, you will get double your profits.

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