Requirements to start a blog

By Parasolla | Updated on July 24, 2022

Requirements to start a blog


Before you start building a blog and earning money, you need to achieve the minimum requirements to start a blog professionally.


The requirements can be different from one blog to another but we are going to share with you 6 important points you need to consider before starting a blog.


All you have to do is to meet all the following points to avoid having problems in the future.

1. Prepare yourself to start a blog

We know that there are a lot of successful bloggers on social media and they make a lot of money monthly. But, did you ask yourself how did they start? And how they could increase their monthly income to these numbers?


The Fantasy: This is an overnight success!

The Reality: most bloggers take more than 6 months to achieve a good income.


So, the first thing we need you to understand is that blogging needs a LOT of time and hard work to get the success you want and you can’t create a successful blog easily.


After you understood the previous information, you are prepared psychologically to start a blog and you can move to the next point.



2. Determine your blog niche

At this point, you need to choose your blog niche.

Stop saying “I want to start a blog”

Instead of that, you should say “I want to start a blog about (Sth)”


In this way, you will be able to understand your blog requirements because every topic has different requirements and strategies.


There are some important factors you need to consider to choose the most appropriate blog niche depending on your skills, experiences, and market requirements.


When we talk about market requirements, we mean the ability to get money from the blog niche you want to start. For example, imagine that you want to start a blog about sharks in the sea. No one will be interested. Also, you will not have so much to write!


So, you should choose a blog niche depending on the following factors:


1. Having enough audience: 

Your blog niche should be popular and have a category of people that are interested. For example, you can start a blog about training dogs. There are a lot of people who love dogs and they will love to hear from you.  

2. Having a good experience in the blog niche: 

people will not read your content if it was not interesting and useful. And you can’t provide that kind of content if you don’t have enough experience. Imagine that you are mechanical and you started a blog about health!! 

3. Choose a profitable niche:

In general, most blogs that have a good audience are profitable but you should stay away from so weird ideas.


So, you must start an idea with previous experience to create unique and interesting content.

3. Prepare the right equipment

Blogging is NOT only a website on the internet that will make you money without any effort. The competition is high and you need to provide high-quality content to attract more visitors to your blog and earn more money.


To provide high-quality content, you should create an appropriate environment and prepare your tools to run your blog properly.  


In general, anything that can help you provide better content is useful but there is some basic equipment that every blogger needs such as:


A GOOD Laptop

The first thing you need to consider is to have a strong Laptop that can help you produce the professional content that people need. 

We recommend you to start with a Laptop that have similar specification to the Laptop below:



The second important thing you need to buy to start a blog is a COMFORTABLE Chair because bloggers usually spend long hours on their laptops. So, you should use a HEALTHY, and COMFORTABLE Chair to protect your back, neck, and body. As a result, you will be able to work for long hours and provide high-quality content without fear.

You have a lot of choices but we recommend you to have the Chair below:




Of course, if you have a Laptop and Chair, you must have a Table, you can use a normal Table as a beginner but it is recommended to buy a Desk, especially for your Laptop because you may make some videos in the future. So, you can prepare a good environment to produce good videos.

The Table below is an appropriate choice to start as a beginner:



Those were the BASIC equipment that every blogger needs to start a bog and achieve success in the shortest possible time.

4. Improve your skills

Before you create a blog and produce content, there are some important skills you need to learn to produce high-quality content and avoid wasting your time in the future.


Tips to improve yourself as a blogger


1. Learn more about your blog niche: 

You will always have competition in the future. So, if you wanted to achieve success in blogging, you must always improve yourself through free and paid courses on YouTube and other educational sites such as Udemy. In this way, you can keep up with market requirements and create the content that your audience wants.


2. Improve your writing skills: 

Even if you are a native speaker, you will always have writing mistakes. So, you should train yourself to write clear and accurate articles. Also, you can use Grammarly (A platform that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and delivery mistakes) It has a pretty good Free plan where it can give you your mistakes and correct them.


Improve your communication skills: 

The third skill you need to learn as a blogger is communication skills.

Creating a blog is a business. So, you should know how to communicate with your clients in the right way because your customers are the main factor in your success or failure.

5. Make a research about the competition

Competition is another important factor you need to consider when you want to start a blog.


Don’t Panic! And don’t be afraid of the competition. 


The first thing you need to understand is that having a competition on a blog niche means it is PROFITABLE.

In addition, you should try your best to learn from successful bloggers and train yourself to produce better content to win the game and earn more.

To know who are your competitors in the market, you can use some tools such as Ubersuggest and Semrush to analyze your blog topic keywords and know the competition level on search engines. Also, you can use those tools to write more appropriate content for search engines in the future.

6. Create a timetable

After you understood the basic points about blogging and you prepared yourself and the equipment to be a blogger, it is time to create a plan for your business.


You should allocate daily time to work on your blog. 

You will not get success if you didn’t use your equipment in the right way!


Blogging, in the beginning, is a part-time job and you should work so hard to get the results you want. As we’ve mentioned in the first paragraph, you need to understand that blogging is NOT an overnight success.


As a beginner, you can allocate about 3 hours every day to work on your blog until you become professional. Your Timetable should include the daily tasks you need to finish. In this way, you will achieve your blog goals in the shortest possible time.




STEP 2: Choose your blog name




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