How to prepare for an interview in 5 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on Mar 31, 2023

How to prepare for an interview in 5 steps

How to prepare for the interviews!

This is the first question you ask yourself when you have a job interview especially if it was the first one.


In general, all job interviews have similar steps to be passed perfectly. All you have to do is to trust yourself and try your best to convince the interviewers that you are the right candidate for the job. 

In this article, we are going to teach you how to prepare for a job interview in 5 steps.

1. Review the job description 

The first step to prepare for a job interview is to review the job description and take a deep idea about the duties and responsibilities because more than 60% of interview questions are usually from the job description.


First of all, you should sort the required skills and experiences in the job description as you will be tested depending on them.


After that, you should understand every single part of the required skills and experiences and prepare appropriate answers for the possible questions.


A simple example:

You are an IT technician and you have a job interview.

The required skill is “laptop maintenance skill”

You have to read everything about laptops maintenance to be able to answer the related questions to this skill.


Also, you should review your resume again to revise all your previous experiences and their relationship with the job, because about 30% of interview questions are from your previous jobs.

2. Research the company

After reviewing the job description well, you must make research about the company to take an idea about the company culture and role.


This can help you understand your job better and give you more accurate ideas about the tasks you are going to take with the company.


In addition, you may be asked a question about the company.

For example, what do you know about our company?

Of course, you have to know some basic information about the company and its role in the market.

So, you should be ready for this kind of question and prepare the best answers.

3. Prepare yourself for common interview questions 

In general, there are some repeated interview questions that every recruiter may ask the candidates. 

For example

Tell me about yourself.

This is the most repeated question in the job interviews. So, you should prepare yourself well for this kind of questions.

Another repeated question in the job interviews is, 

What is your salary expectations?

To answer this question, you should have a good idea about the company salary and what can you expect for the position you are applying for. 

Tip: when you answer this question, Give a RANG such as  €55.000 - €65000. In this way, you will avoid giving a constant number and open doors for salary negotiation later. 


Why do you want to work with us?

Simply, talk about the possible experiences, skills, and opportunities you may get from the company and the job. 

When you can start the job?

Some companies require the candidates to start as soon as possible if the position request was urgent. Hence, you should have an idea about what exactly you should say. For example, I'm available now and I can start whenever you want. This answer is the most favorite answer that the interviewers like to hear when they ask you this question. 

4. Focus on communication skills

Communication skills are the key to present yourself in the right way. Because the job interview gives the first impression about your personality. So, you should consider some rules in the interview to communicate better with the hiring manager or interview committee.


Tips to communicate better in the job interview:

Smile: we didn’t say Laugh! Just Smile. That can make you less nervous and you will look more positive.


Listen and understand the questions well: Don’t interrupt the talker for any reason. Wait until he/she finishes his question. Listen to the question, understand it, after that answer precisely.


Talk clearly and confidently


Show respect: don’t try to tell jokes but be respectful and formal.

5. Wear formal clothes 

Clothes are another important issue in job interviews because they can give a good or bad impression about you.


The most recommend choice for men and women is formal clothes. You should prepare the clothes you will wear before a day to keep you ready on the interview day.

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