8 steps to get a job

8 useful steps to get a job

By Parasolla | Updated on March 21, 2022

8 Steps to get a job

How to get a job?

Where you can search for jobs?

Some of the most repeated questions in the labor market!

Finding a job is one of the most important things in our life because it is the main factor that can improve our financial situation, and help us building the life we want.

But, why some people can't find an appropriate job! 

To simplify this process, we have prepared eight steps that can help you get a job in the right way.

1. Identify your favorite career 

First of all, before starting to talk about finding a new job, let us ask you some questions. 

What do you like to work?

What is your favorite career?

Do you want to work anything?



The first step to find an appropriate job is to focus on one career and one field, because the mechanical engineer can’t do the doctor’s job and the doctor can’t do the accountant’s job.


So, you must look for your passion first, what do you like to be? And depending on your answer, you will find the right career.


Note: choosing a career you love is so important point because it will give you motivational power to push you further. Also, when you focus on one field, you can learn more because you have specific information to learn it. 

As a result, you will be professional in your job and that can raise your chances to get a job.

2. Know what is required

After you chose the right job, it’s time to know the available jobs, and what experiences and skills do you need to get hired.

To know the general requirements for your career in your local market, follow the steps below:

A. Search on Google and find all available positions.

B. Register the required experiences and skills for each position.

C. Sort all positions in ascending order by average salary.

For example: 

I'm an IT Engineer and I want to know the required skills and experiences to get a job.

The First step: I’ve searched on Google and I found the following jobs:

1. Computer programmer

2. Web developer

3. IT technician

4. Network engineer

The Second step: I’ve registered the general requirements.

Experiences: About one year of experience.

Skills: Programming languages, Software proficiency… etc.

The Third step: I’ve sorted them by salary.

Computer programmer: $58,000 per year

Web developer: $72,000 per year

IT technician: $74,000 per year

Network engineer: $87,000 per year

This step lets you know which job position is the easiest to start applying for it.

By this way, you’ve known what is required from you to get the job you want.

3. Start improving yourself

As we have mentioned in the previous step, you need to identify the required skills and experiences to get the job you want.

The long and the short of it is that you need to improve your skills and try to get the best experience to increase your chances to be accepted for the job you apply for.

Here are some tips to improve yourself:

1. You can get some books in the field of work you want to apply for. For example, if you want to be a successful doctor, you can read books about medicine. 

2. Follow online courses.

3. If the target job requires tools, try to get the basic tools and train yourself at home. For instance, the programmer needs a laptop, the Architectural engineer needs special rulers, and the mechanical engineer needs mechanic tools.

As a result, you will start training yourself at home to be ready to engage in the labor market.

4. Work as a volunteer

“Volunteer! It’s impossible!!”

This is the people's answer if you asked them to work as a volunteer. 


Honestly, you can’t get enough experience without working for free because nobody will accept you as a fresh graduate or a worker without experience.


So, you need to start looking for a volunteer job. 


Note: when you find your first volunteer job, try to get as much information as possible. Consider that you are there only for training. Keep asking questions and developing yourself.


The two major benefits of working as a volunteer are getting a training job for free where you can get enough experience to apply to other jobs. And you can use the employees in the company as references to apply to other companies and organizations.


Besides, you may find your first paid job in the same company you work in as a volunteer. For example, if your manager found you active and smart, he may offer you a paid job instead of looking for another one outside the company.

5. Keep in touch with people who can help you.

If you wanted to achieve any goal in your life, you should know HOW to do it.

Hence, if you wanted to get a job, you should communicate with people who can help you.


Ask them how you can improve your resume, how to apply to a job in the right way, what are the most important points to write in your cover letter, and how you can do your best in interviews.

Use them as a dictionary, when you don’t know a word's meaning, they have the perfect meaning.


In conclusion, communicating with an expert person will save your time and power and help you get a job faster. So, consider this point carefully, and make sure you ask for help from the RIGHT people.

6. Start applying for the target jobs

Now, you have all the requirements to apply to paid jobs. 

All you have to do is searching for jobs and applying for them. 

Here are some important tips to help you to find a job fast:

1. Search on international job sites such as indeed.com. Where you can find hundreds of jobs on your laptop screen from home.

2. Keep in touch with friends who can help you. 

3. Make a perfect resume and cover letter for each job you apply for.

4. Consult people who have previous experience in the job field you want to work in. 

7. Prepare for interview

There are no fixed answers to answer the interview questions. But there is a key to pass your interview perfectly.


The key is to read and understand the job description very well because the HR manager uses the job duties and responsibilities to ask you questions and assess your abilities. As a result, if you could understand the job tasks precisely, you would answer all the questions perfectly and be the right candidate for the position.


Also, don’t forget to wear appropriate clothes for the interview. 

Communicate well with the interview committee. For example, don’t interrupt them or raise your voice. 

 Smile and relax.

8. Try again

Every company has a different rule and business plan. So, it is not a requirement to get a job from the first interview.


What is required of you is to be patient and keep looking for a job until you get it.


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