How to make a resume for your first job

By Parasolla | Updated on April 8, 2022

How to make a resume for your first job

What should you write?

And what type of information you should include in your first CV?

Those are some of the most repeated questions for people who want to apply for their first job. And because they don’t have enough experience, they lose a lot of job opportunities. 

So, we have prepared this article for people who want to apply for their first job. And help them build an appropriate resume to increase their chances to get a job.

All you have to do is to read the following tips and use them to build a professional resume:

1. Choose a professional resume template

The first thing you should think about it when you want to make a perfect resume is to choose a professional template because your resume design gives the first impression to the hiring manager. So, you should consider this point carefully. 


When we talk about choosing a professional resume, we mean building a clear, organized, and tidy CV.


Also, it should include all the required sections for the job. for example, it should have experience, skills, education, and contact information.


In addition, add your previous activities in order to create a clear idea about your abilities.

2. Add your contact information

The second point you need to consider when you build your resume is to make sure you add all your contact information correctly, accurately, and clearly.


So, you will make it easy for the company to contact you immediately if they liked your resume.


Also, be aware that you added your phone number, email, and other contact details correctly. Because the HR manager will skip your application if he found that he can’t contact you.

3. Pick up an appropriate personal picture

Adding a picture to your resume is not mandatory but it can increase your chances in some cases. So, if you wanted to know if the personal picture is necessary, you should understand the nature of the work.


For example, working as a receptionist requires you to wear formal clothes. So, it is a good idea to add a personal picture of you in formal clothes.


The benefit of adding a picture of you to your resume is to give a positive impression about you to the HR manager.


So, all you have to do is to identify the work type and add an appropriate picture depending on the position.

4. Include an objective

You should allocate an area in your resume to write your objective. You should talk about your current situation and tell the Hiring Manager how much you are motivated to get that position to be able to improve your skills and add value to the company at the same time.


Your objective should be specific for each job you want to apply for because every business has different conditions and requirements. 


Also, you can talk about the future plans that can let you improve the company's work and progress.


In this way, you will give a positive perspective about yourself to the HR manager, and he absolutely will like to know more about you.

5. Include the most related information to the Job

Some of the common mistakes that we found in a lot of resumes is adding unrelated information to the job.


For example, writing that you can play drums when you apply to a driver position. Playing drums can’t help you drive better. Instead of that, you can write that you can drive different types of cars such as trucks and small cars. 


You should always remember that the Hiring Manager looks for the most appropriate candidate for the position. Hence, you must avoid adding misleading, and worthless information.


In conclusion, try only to write the most related information to the position you want to apply for. 

6. Add your previous activities 

As a fresh graduate or candidate that doesn’t have previous experience, what should you write in your experiences paragraph?


The answer can be very simple. If you want to get a job you should have previous experience. But, if you don’t have, you can write about your previous activities that are related to the job you want to apply for.


For example, if you want to apply for an IT technician position, you can write that you participated in a technical team to maintain the university computers.


So, you can talk about your previous activities and achievements that can help you to be a good candidate for the position.


Tip: if you have nothing to write at all, you should think about searching to work as a volunteer to build a good experience. After that, you can start applying for paid jobs.

7. Highlight your skills

Your skills are the second important thing you should write in your resume. And, you should follow the same strategy so that you only insert the related skills to the job. 


There are two types of skills to write in your resume:


General Skills: These types of skills can be written in any job position and they are a part of your life skills. Such as time management, communication skills, the ability to work under pressure, … etc.


Specific Skills: these type of skills is only related to the field of the job you want to work in. 

For instance, if you are applying to work as a cashier, you can write that you have computer skills, accounting skills, Microsoft programs skills, … etc.


So, all you have to do is to understand the job description well and write all the skills that can make you an appropriate candidate for the position, and make sure to add both types of skills. 

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