How to advertise your business on Pinterest in 7 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on May 31, 2022

How to advertise your business on Pinterest in 7 steps

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to market your business as it has more than 400 million active users monthly. So, if you have a business and you like designing, you can start with Pinterest to promote your products.

In this article, we are going to give you the most important steps to promote your business on Pinterest successfully.  

1. Set up a business account and complete your profile

The first thing you need to do before starting to think about promoting your brand on Pinterest is to create a professional business account to build trust with the clients.


So, you should create a page first and add your business logo to your business account. Also, you can add a video or a photo to your account background to demonstrate your business. In addition, add an attractive description section under your business picture. Tell your customers what you provide and how your service can improve their life to better.

When we talk about creating a business account on Pinterest, we mean that you should add the previous items carefully as those items will be the first thing your customers will see when they enter your profile and they will give the first impression. Hence, you must pay attention to details and try your best to attract your clients. 

2. Create a few Pinterest boards

After you created a perfect profile, it is time to create some boards which are the containers of the pins “the main item in Pinterest”.

Creating boards is the second main step after you prepared your business account. You should create boards depending on the services you provide. For example, if you have a clothing business, you can make the following boards: Women Clothes, Men Clothes, and Kids Clothes.

In this way, when somebody enters your business account, he will know what type of services you provide and he can navigate them easily as you organized them well.

As we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, designing is very important. So, you should create a good background picture to demonstrate every service you offer.   

3. Design professional pins

The third step to marketing your product on Pinterest is to start creating attractive pins. One of the most important factors to be successful on Pinterest is to create appropriate designs for your pins.


You must consider the following factors when you want to create pins to achieve the best possible results:

1.Target a specific service: You should talk about one service to let the target customers understand your pins fast.


2. Choose a clear picture: You need to add a picture that describes your service. For example, if your product is a T-Shirt, you should add a clear and beautiful T-shirt picture to let the people see your design.


3.  Add a clear Title: the title should be clear and comprehensive.



4. Optimize your page with SEO

The fourth part of the marketing process on Pinterest is SEO. There are more than 600 million searches on Pinterest every month. 


So, to get benefits from that, you should optimize your page with SEO to get better results and reach more people.


All you have to do is to consider the following tips when you create pins:

1. Use vertical pins as the Pinterest search engine supports vertical more than horizontal.

2. Include the main keywords in the title and description.

3. Add hashtags to the description.  

You can’t find direct results on Pinterest from SEO but that can help you in the future when you have a huge amount of pins on Pinterest.

5. Follow successful people or brands in your business niche

If you wanted to achieve anything in your life you need to learn how to do it. As a result, you must learn from successful people on Pinterest. So, start by following them on Pinterest to learn from them and improve your marketing skills.

But the question is, how can you find successful pages on Pinterest?

Well, the answer can very simple, all you need to do is to search for the main keywords of your business and try to find the pages that get the highest reaction rates. For example, if you sell gaming tools, you can search for the next keywords: Gaming PC, how to build a gaming pc, and the best gaming laptops.


In this way, you will know how to reach the most successful businesses on Pinterest and start following them to learn from them. How they design their pins, who are their clients, and how they sell their products.

6. Promote your business for free

There are two main ways to promote your business for free:

The first one: you can get visitors to your page by using SEO rules as we’ve mentioned in the fourth paragraph but this way needs you to be constant and follow all SEO rules. And the results may take a long time.


The second one: you can get visitors by joining Group boards “they are like Facebook groups” All you have to do is to send a join request to the group board owner and wait for the approval. After that, you can post your pins to be shown in front of thousands of people. 

This way is an effective method to promote your business for free on Pinterest but the most important thing is to create a trustful business account before joining group boards to let the group board owners trust you. 

Also, you must join the group boards that have the highest reaction rates to get the results you want. Don’t try to join some random group boards as this strategy will waste your time without getting good results.

7. Use paid ads to market your business

Waiting for group boards may take a long time. So, if you want to market your products directly to your customers, you can try paid ads.


Using ads through Pinterest is a perfect way to promote your products but it needs money. So, the most important thing you need to consider when you use paid ads on Pinterest is to analyze the results and make a balance between the money you spend on ads and the profits you get.


For example, if you have a store to sell shirts and you can earn $5 from selling one shirt. So, your advertising campaign must be less than $5 to achieve profits.


In the beginning, you must make different advertising campaigns with different methods. Subsequently, you can choose the campaign that can achieve the highest possible profits.

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