How to start a cake business from home in 5 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on May 11, 2022

How to start a cake business from home in 5 steps

Creating a private business and earning money from it is one of the most important steps in our life because it improves our financial situation and gives us the freedom to work independently.

In this article, we are going to give you the main steps you should consider when you want to start a cake business from home. We should mention that we’ve only explained the steps related to the business aspect because they are the most important. The other issues like making cakes and preparing them depend on your skills.

So, this article is more appropriate for people who have enough skills to make delicious cakes and our duty is to teach them how to sell to the right customers.

1. Make delicious cake

The first step to starting your cake business is to decide the most appropriate recipe to use for your potential customers.

Choosing the right recipe is one of the most important factors to achieving success in this field because all your clients in the future will choose to eat your cake because of its taste.


All you have to do to get a perfect final cake for your business is to make different kinds of cakes inside the home and try them with people and ask their opinions. You can start with your family members and friends but you should ask them to answer you frankly because getting inaccurate opinions will affect your sales in the future significantly. 


In conclusion, you should try your best to make a cake that your clients will love!

2. Wrap it in the right way

It is not enough to make a perfect cake to get sales directly. You should wrap it in a perfect way as well.


You need to choose an attractive design for your cakes. Or, you can choose different designs if you have different types. For example, you can choose a yellow design for banana cake, and pink for strawberry cake.


If you don’t have enough experience to design the boxes for your cakes, you can ask help from a professional designer to give you some suggestions.


Professional packaging will help the customers know what is inside the cake and what they should expect. Also, it can help every one of your customers to choose their favorite taste for him. 


In addition, making attractive warping is a kind of promoting your products as you will have all your business information on the packet. So, if any customer liked your cake, he can contact you directly to buy more.


Another point you need to consider when you make your cake packet is to make it easy to wrap and send to the customers to save your time and money in the future.

3. Find a delivery service

As you will start your cake business at home, you should find somebody to transfer your products to the customers.


The best way to do that is to make a menu of the cakes you can provide. And find a delivery company to add your menu to its application. In this way, you will have an available delivery system and you will promote your products at the same time.

4. Promote your business

After you build a perfect product, it is time to think about marketing which is one of the most important points in any selling process. You must promote your cakes.


There are too many ways to promote your business but you should choose the most appropriate one for your business. Or you can start with different platforms at the same time.


Some ways to promote your cakes:

Facebook ads: paid

Google ads: paid

Instagram ads: paid

Creating a YouTube channel: free 


All, you have to do is build a good customer network on any one of the previous platforms. After that, you can get sales and earn money.

5. Start small and grow to increase the sales

The idea of the project is to start a small business at home but that doesn’t mean you should keep working at home forever.


If your cakes were successful and the people like your product, you would get larger requests for your cakes.

So, you may need to hire people to work with you. And change the producing place from your kitchen to a bigger place to produce more.

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