How to write a job recommendation in 6 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on June 25, 2022

How to write a job recommendation in 6 steps

Writing a good job recommendation letter can help people to increase their chances to get the job they want.

So, someone may ask you to write a job recommendation for him to support his application when he applies for jobs.

In order to make this process easy, we chose to give you the best six steps you need to consider to write a perfect job recommendation letter depending on the template below:

1. Make an assessment


Before accepting to write a recommendation for someone, you should make sure that you are comfortable providing a recommendation letter as you need to write honestly and supply the employer with accurate information.


So, if you know that you can’t write useful information in your recommendation letter, you can apologize for writing a letter because your letter will not make an effective effect.


In case you accepted to write the letter, you can move to the next steps to write a perfect recommendation letter.

2. Introduction 


The first thing you need to write about it is to introduce yourself to the employer and determine your relationship with the candidate who required your recommendation letter.


In this way, the HR department will know your position and the candidate's position and responsibilities.


For example:


To whom this may concern,


I am writing this letter to propose the name William Johnsen for IT Associate at your company. I have known William for the past four years as I was his manager from 2018 – 2019 in Parasolla company. And he was an IT assistant and responsible for providing technical support to staff in the company.

3. Focus on skills 

In this paragraph, you should concentrate to talk about the candidate's skills that were related directly to his duties and were helping him to develop the general performance of the work.


There are two types of skills you can include in the recommendation letter:


General Skills: These types of skills can be useful for all the positions and can improve the work such as communication skills, Time management, and Problem-solving


Specific Skills: Every job has specific skills that are related directly to the position. For instance, If the candidate is a computer engineer, you can talk about his computer skills such as web designing, programming languages, and database management skills.


For example:

During my relationship with William Johnsen. I have experienced an individual who has strong communication skills as he could increase customer satisfaction, and he was one of a select group of techs who were available to assist customers in online chats, in person, and over the telephone because of his strong communication skills.

Also, He has high technical skills that helped him resolve a wide variety of technical issues and find the most appropriate technical solutions in the shortest possible time.

4. Talk about experiences 

This is the third part of the recommendation letter. And in this paragraph, you should talk about the candidate's experiences that give him another positive point to get the job.


In this part, you should talk about the candidate's experiences that helped him to do his tasks perfectly. Also, you can write about the experiences he could get from his work with you.


As we have mentioned before, you should talk about the experiences that are related directly to the position. 


For example, 


In addition to strong communication skills, William has a long experience with PHP programing language and he is professional in designing websites.

5. Give a recommendation 

After you covered all the previous points in your recommendation letter to support your letter with your opinion.


There are too many ways to add a recommendation at the end of your letter.


For example: 

I am delighted to recommend William Johnsen for the Web Designer position at your company. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

6. Add your contact information

End your letter with your signature and contact information. The contact information should include your phone number and email address.

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