The 7 best skills to write in resume

By Parasolla | Updated on June 10, 2022

The 7 best skills to write in resume

Getting a job after graduation is one of the most important steps in your life as it will get you a constant income to improve your financial situation and allow you to invest your income in the future.

But sometimes getting a job can be difficult because you don’t have the required skills that the employer needs.

In this article, we are going to give you the 7 best skills you need to consider when you write your resume to increase your opportunity to get the job you want.

You should be aware that every one of the following skills is only appropriate for specific jobs. So, you must know what the job wants and how to add the most useful skills to your CV.   

1. Communication skills

The most important skill for most jobs in the labor market is communication skill as it creates a kind of harmony in the work environment and makes the employees more productive and comfortable.


And It is very useful for the employees who communicate directly with the customers like marketing employees because their main duty is to talk with the clients and answer their questions about the products and the company. As a result, this skill can increase sales and build a trustful connection with the clients.


So, you should consider this skill for every job you want to apply for as it will help the employer to get a good impression of you and he will prefer to choose your resume if he found the minimum requirements.


In case you don’t have good communication skills, you can attend a course to get more experience and know the rules of communicating with the clients and your colleagues at the work.

2. Team work skills

Every employee is a member of a group and all the groups work together inside the company to achieve the long and short goals. 


So, it is an important thing to know how to work inside a group and be able to achieve the goals.


When you join a team in a company, you may find better and worst employees than you in your team. So, you should know how to coordinate with your colleagues to work effectively together and achieve team goals.


This is another skill you need to add to your resume when you apply for the jobs that require working inside a team. 

3. Time management

The third skill to add to your resume is Time management skill and it is one of the most desired skills for jobs.


When we talk about time management skills, we mean that you should know how to invest your time inside the work to achieve the highest possible production. Also, you should make a balance between your tasks and available time.


This skill is very important for the companies that mainly depend on the time for more production. 

For example, if you work in a factory for recycling water bottles and the machines work 8 hours a day.

You can produce 3 tons a day of recycled materials. Or, you can invest the same time to produce 10 tons.


In this way, you could save valuable time and increase the profits of the company. 


In conclusion, you must add this skill to your CV to increase your chances to get jobs that require time management skills.  

4. Problem-solving

You will always have problems at the work and you must solve them. So, don’t try to ignore problems but you should analyze them and find solutions.


This skill can be very important for the employees who work in the technical field as their main task is to solve problems.


So, if you are a technician, you should write problem-solving skills in your resume to let the employer understand that you can analyze and solve the problems. 

5. Leadership

Being a team leader needs you to have leadership skills as the team leader should know how to manage the team, distribute the tasks, and make a balance between the team members. 


Also, you must know how to invest the team skills and experiences to achieve the goals in the shortest available time.


This skill is important for the people who apply to manage departments such as Finance Managers, IT Managers, and HR Managers.

6. Managing skills

Managing is a skill that can include multiple departments and it can have more responsibilities depending on the company. 


This type of skill can include a large number of employees. So, it is usually appropriate for people who have long years of experience.


So, if you are a fresh graduate and you don’t have enough experience, it would be recommended to avoid adding this type of skill. 

7. Flexibility

The last skill on our list is flexibility skills. Being flexible means you should know how to keep up with your job requirements.


So, if you get nervous fast at work, you should think about training yourself to be more flexible and learn how to turn losses into gains.


The most important thing in this skill is to be patient and think about how you can solve the problems fast with the least amount of damage.


This kind of skill is essential for people who work under pressure such as Customer Service Employees, and Receptionist. 


So, if you are working in this field, you must train yourself to achieve the highest rate of flexibility in the work.

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