8 skills needed to be a real estate agent

By Parasolla | Updated on May 05, 2022

8 skills needed to be a real estate agent

If you want to be a successful real estate agent, you must have some skills to make you good and appropriate for this job.

In this article, we are going to share with you 8 skills needed for every real estate agent to be successful at his work.

1. Honesty

The first thing you need to consider when you want to be a successful real estate agent is to be honest to let your customers trust you. Also, when you build a good relationship with your customers, you give yourself the opportunity to grow and get better in the future. 


Because the people will start trusting you, they will promote your business to their relatives. In this way, you will get a large number of customers in a short period.


Also, being honest with your clients when you sell them real estate will help you avoid any possible problems in the future because the clients usually go back to the real estate agent when they have a problem with the property.


So, you should be clear with your customers and show them the positive and negative aspects of the real estate that you want to sell them. 

2. Strong communication skills

The second skill you need is communication skills. 


Business is all about people and you should know how to deal with them. Also, a real estate job is all about selling and you must understand what your customers want and how to offer them your property in the right way.


To communicate well with your clients, you must be patient and don’t get mad at the client for any reason. In addition, you must respect your client's ideas and opinions. In this way, your client may come back to you if he didn’t get a better choice.


So, all you have to do to communicate well with the people who want to buy real estate is to understand them and show them your offers kindly and respectfully. 

3. Problem-solving skills

This is another essential skill the real estate agent needs to be successful. When we talk about problem-solving skills, we mean the ability to understand your customer's problem and offer him the best available solution.


For example, if a customer told you that he wants to change his house because he has kids and wants to buy another house close to the school in the town. 

In this situation, the client told you his problem, and you must offer him the houses close to the school.


In the previous instance, if you gave him houses that aren’t appropriate for him and don’t solve his problem. He will NOT buy from you and you will waste your time and your customer.


In conclusion, understand your customers’ problems and give them the best choices that can solve their problems.

4. Marketing skills

The first rule of successful marketing is honesty. Being a successful marketer doesn’t mean having the ability to sell more because the sales department is a part of the marketing process.


Successful marketing in real estate means the ability to show the customer your real estate in the most appropriate way. As a result, the customer can know the specifications of your property and you will have a chance to get a sale.


A marketing campaign in real estate is all about reaching potential buyers and trying to sell them.

5. Listening skills

Another important skill you must learn when you want to be a professional real estate agent is listening skills. This is a crucial skill and you need to learn it if you don’t have it because you can’t sell anything if you don’t know how to listen to your customers with your ears and mind.


Listening skill is the ability to listen to your customers’ problems, fears, opinions, and suggestions. After that, you can give them what they want.


The most important rule to being a perfect listener is to listen carefully to your client when he wants to speak even if he interrupted your words. For example, if you were talking about a house's features and the customer interrupted you, you must stop and listen to him because he didn’t like the house you are talking about or he has a specific question.


So, you must always be aware of your clients’ attitudes and give them all your attention.

6. Time management skills

The sixth on our list of real estate agent skills is time management skills. Time is a pretty important factor in any business and to be a successful real estate agent, you must know how to manage your time to get the best results. 


Managing time is the ability to invest your time to get the results you want in the shortest time. 

So, you must arrange the time between the clients to give every one of them your attention to understand what they want and how you can sell them.


Imagine that three clients came to your office at the same time to see three different flats. What would you do!


So, you must know how to deal with your clients and give them the time they need to see your real estate offers and buy from you.

7. Local area knowledge

This kind of knowledge is so important for any real estate agent and you can’t be a successful real estate agent without it.


You must be familiar with the local area map. Also, you must know all the important places in the local area. For example, imagine that a customer asked you to find him a house close to the airport and you told him that you don’t know where is the airport!


Of course, the client will not trust you anymore because you don’t know the important places inside the town.


Knowing the local area doesn’t mean that you only should know the famous places. But you must know the things that affect real estate prices. For example, the main streets, malls, sea, …etc.


In this way, you can understand the market well and give your clients a positive and negative assessment of any property accurately.

8. Architectural Knowledge

This knowledge is essential like the previous one because it is related directly to the real estate agent work. 


Hence, you must have enough architectural knowledge about any building you want to show to a customer because the first questions you will get are about the area and the building specifications.


Also, you must know the design of every building. For example, how many rooms, where is the kitchen, house area, windows, doors, …. etc.


As a result, every customer has different requirements and you must meet those requirements if you want to sell!

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