Design your blog


By Parasolla | Updated on July 29, 2022

Design your blog

After you chose your domain niche and name, you should start building your blog and connect the domain you bought to your blog. As a result, your visitors will start reaching your blog through your domain name. 

In this article, we are going to teach you how to build your blog using a website builder and how to connect your domain to your blog.

1. Choose a blog builder

To start your blog, you need a blog builder to build your site and manage your content at the same time.

There are too many choices in the market but WordPress is the most popular and successful one and about 50% of successful bloggers use WordPress to manage and produce their content on the web.

However, you can choose another platform but we highly recommend you to start with WordPress because it is simple to use for beginners. Also, it has a lot of features that you want.

All you have to do to start on WordPress is to create an account on the official site. Subsequently, you can move to the next steps to complete your blog building.

2. Connect your domain to WordPress

After you created an account on WordPress, you need a domain to LUNCH your blog. WordPress sells domains but it doesn’t provide features like Hostwinds. So, you should connect the domain you bought from Hostwinds to your blog on WordPress.

To connect your domain to your blog, you can read the Official Article from WordPress. And follow the article instructions step by step to install your domain in the right way.

However, if you had any problems, you can chat with customer service in Hostwinds and they will help you directly because they are active 24/7. And they can answer all your questions immediately.

All you have to do is to press the live chat and start asking questions and getting answers. 

3. Choose a Template 

When you finish connecting your blog on WordPress to your domain on Hostwinds. Your site will become live. And you can find your site easily when you enter your domain name into the search bar in your browser.


But, you have an empty blog. So, you should create a template to be able to start publishing your content. 

However, WordPress provides free templates to beginners. All you have to do is to choose the theme you like and it will be installed automatically. 

Some bloggers hire web designers to design a custom blog template for them. But, this way can be costly for beginners. However, you can design your template in the future when you grow your customers and start getting money from your blog.

4. Organize your pages 

Before you start publishing content on your blog, you need to organize the main tabs on your site as this will help your blog visitors to navigate your content EASILY. 

For example, if you created a blog about sports news, you can create tabs for different sports news such as football, Tennis, Basketball, … etc. In this way, the visitors who like to see football news, will go directly to the football page.

You can learn how to add tabs to your blog from the Official Article on WordPress.

Also, you need to make sure that all your visitors are comfortable when they read your blog content. For example, font size is appropriate, font color is nice, … etc

Another thing you need to consider when you organize your blog is to add your social media accounts. In this way, you can drive visitors from your social media pages to your blog. 

However, you should keep developing and improving your blog to make sure you provide the best service to your blog visitors.

STEP 4: Promote your blog


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