Promote your blog

By Parasolla | Updated on July 28, 2022

Promote your blog

After you built your blog and prepared your equipment, it is time to know the right way to promote your blog to get more visitors who are the main factor to earning from your blog.


You should be aware that you must create INTERESTING content first. After that, you can use the following ways to promote your blog to get permanent visitors and start earning.

Imagine that you spend your time and money to get visitors and you don’t have enough content! Of course, you will get nothing.

Because your blog is empty, no one would like to hear from you.


So, the first step is to make unique and attractive content. After that, you can use the following 4 strategies to grow your audience and earn money in the future.

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful way to build an audience and get PERMANENT visitors who will become PERMANENT customers in the future.


What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. 


This strategy helps you to transfer temporary customers to PERMANENT customers by saving their emails and sending them emails in the future to attract them to visit your blog again and again. 

In this way, when you publish new content, you can contact all the interested people directly without the need to promote your blog again.


How does Email Marketing work?

The First Stage: You must add an Email Marketing Form to your blog such as GetResponse. We use the following form below from GetResponse:

The Second Stage: Interested people visit your blog.

The Third Stage: If they liked your content, they will fill out the form and submit it.

The Fourth Stage: GetResponse will register the email automatically in your email list.

The Fifth Stage: You can send an email to all the interested people directly to promote your products and services for free!  

How to create an account on GetResponse to start email marketing?


Trying to get traffic to your blog without having an email marketing strategy will waste your time and money. Also, you will lose a lot of interested visitors who may become your customers in the future.

1. Go to plans page in GetResponse

2. Choose EMAIL MARKETING plan

3. Add Billing Information and Create your account

GetResponse has an easy dashboard for beginners. Also, it has 24/7 Chat support and you can ask them to help you with whatever you want.

2. Search Engines 

Getting traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing is another way to get traffic to your blog. But you should be aware that getting traffic from search engines is not easy and it can take 1-2 years to get the results you want.


If you wanted to rank on search engines, you must have high-quality content. Also, your domain must be old, this means, you should keep working and publishing new and interesting content for at least 6 months to start seeing results.

Domain age and good content are not the only factors that Google uses to rank pages. There are a lot of factors that affect your blog ranking.


As a beginner, we recommend learning more about SEO strategies to help you rank on Google. But DON’T expect to get results overnight. However, you can get good results in the long-term goals.

3.Social Media

One of the best ways to promote your blog is to use social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog. But if you don’t have enough audience, it would be hard to start with 0 followers and 0 likes.

However, you can start with one or two social media platforms and grow your audience to promote your blog in the future.

Before you choose a social media platform to promote your business, you should make sure it is the most appropriate platform for your audience. 

So, you should know what is the favorite platform for your audience. After that, you can choose a social media platform and start with it.

For example, if you have a blog about cats, where do you expect to find your audience?

Of course, Instagram and Reddit are the most appropriate platforms to promote your blog.

Another example, is if your blog is about house decoration, where do you expect to find your audience?

Of course, Pinterest is the best for house decoration.

Choosing the wrong social media platform will not prevent you from success but you will work harder and take a long time until you get the result you want.

4. Paid Ads

This kind is a fast way to get traffic to your blog where you must pay for the publisher platform such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, ... and they will run ads depending on the budget and the options you choose.

Paid ads examples:

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

YouTube Ads

Reddit Ads


Paid advertising is another way to promote your blog but you should be aware that this kind of way costs a lot of money because it is expensive.

So, you should have clear goals when you want to run this kind of ad to get good results.


For example:

You can use GetResponse on your blog to build a permanent email list. After that, you can run ads on Facebook to let people visit your blog to see your content. Subsequently, the interested people in your content will submit their emails on GetResponse Form on your blog to get future emails from you.

In this way, you will be able to contact the interested people in your GetResponse account directly via email without the need to pay again!

As a result, you could transfer paid ads to permanent visitors in your email list through GetResponse.

Tips to promote your blog as a beginner

After you understood how the market works for the bloggers, you must understand that getting traffic as a beginner is NOT easy and you may struggle in the beginning to get some visitors.

The best tips to get traffic to your blog as a beginner:

1. Build your email list on GetResponse.

2. Try paid ads to get reviews from people and build your email list at the same time.

3. Build your audience on social media.

4. Follow all SEO rules to get results in the future.

5. Don’t try to learn from misleading resources such as “Get the first position on google through 2 hours!!!”

Blogging is a business and you need to deal with your business carefully.

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