7 Ways to improve your communication skills at work

By Parasolla | Updated on Aug 29, 2022

7 Ways to improve your communication skills at work

Communication skills are one of the most important skills at work because it helps you build a good relationship with your colleagues. 


In this article, we are going to share with you the best 7 ways to improve your communication skills at work.

1. Listen to your colleagues at work

The first way to improve your communication skills at work is to learn how to listen well. When we talk about listening skills, we don’t mean that you only need to listen to your colleagues but you should understand them well and know what they want. 

Also, you should know how to give the required reactions.


For example, if one of your colleagues in your team at work explained to you that you need to work together to finish the tasks today because tomorrow you have an important meeting and all the tasks should be done. 

In this situation, you should listen to your colleagues well and understand the situation first. After that, you can discuss your ideas with him.


Learning how to listen to your colleagues in the workplace will help you communicate better with them and help them love to communicate with you because they will be comfortable when they talk to you.

2. Don’t interrupt the talker

Understanding your college doesn’t mean that you can interrupt him whenever you want but you should wait until he finishes his words. After that, you can start talking.

Trying to interrupt your colleagues has two negative aspects. 

The first one is that your colleagues will feel that you don’t care about their minds and you find yourself better than them.


The second negative aspect is that you can’t understand the person who talks if you interrupted him.


So, you should always keep listening to the talker until he finishes his words. Hence, you can understand the talker and interact with him in the right way.

3. Stay calm 

The third way to communicate well with your friends at work is to stay calm and don’t get nervous whatever the reason.


If you had any problems with your friends, you can try to solve the problem without getting any negative reactions between you and him. 


If you couldn’t solve the problem, you can ask your manager to solve it in the right way.


Getting nervous in the work is one of the worst things that affect your communication with your colleagues.

4. Learn how to talk effectively 

The fourth way that can help you improve your communication skills at work is to learn how to speak with your friends effectively.


When we talk about speaking effectively, we mean that you should train yourself to talk clearly and let your colleagues understand your ideas easily. 


Also, talking in an appropriate way make your colleagues like to talk with you. As a result, you will build a good relationship with your friends and communicate better.


The most important thing you should consider to improve your speaking skills is to speak clearly. Don’t speak randomly or try to spell unknown vocabulary. This kind of attitude will affect directly the communication quality with your colleagues. 


Another tip you can use to speak effectively is to speak deeply. This means you should give reactions depending on the words. 


The last thing you should use to speak better is to THINK before you speak. You should know the meaning of your words and their effect on your college’s emotions. In this way, you will avoid hearting their feelings by mistake.

5. Respect your colleagues

Respecting your colleagues at work means that you value them and you like to communicate with them. So, you should pay attention to all the rules of respect in your society and avoid unwanted attitudes that can affect the communication quality between you and your colleagues.


The respect rules may be different from one country to another but there are some mutual rules all over the world.


The first thing is to say “Thank you”. Train yourself to say thank you when you should do. It is a sentence of two words but it has a perfect impact on communication skills.


Also, you should use “Please” when you want to ask something from one of your colleagues. This word let them know that you value and respect them.


Say “Sorry” when you need it. Don’t be arrogant. The workplace is a flexible environment and it needs flexible people. So, don’t be hesitant to say “Sorry” when you need it.


There are a lot of other rules of respect. So, you should always consider those rules to build a better relationship with your colleagues and improve your communication skills.

6. Improve your body language

One of the most important things that affect communication skills is body language. This means how your body acts when you communicate with your colleagues at work.


There are too many rules you can learn to improve your body language but we are going to give you the most important tips:


Make eye contact: it helps your college love to talk to you because you let your college feels that you value his words.


Watching the Hands and Legs: pay attention to your hands, legs, and arms when you talk. Don’t move them randomly because this attitude will decrease the value of your words.


Give a strong handshake: The most formal way to contact your colleagues is the handshake. So, try your best to make it warm and strong


Smile: Another effective way to improve your body language at work is to smile. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of tasks. You should always smile to let your body looks better.

7. Be positive when you work 

The last way you can use to improve your communication skills at work is to be positive all the time. Being positive doesn’t mean that you should only talk positively but even your acts should be positive. 


You can be positive easily if you are not under stress. But, the most important thing is to speak and act positively when you are under pressure at work and you have to beat the deadlines and finish the tasks.


To keep yourself positive at work you should pay attention to your health because getting tired all the time will not make you positive as the positive power comes from a healthy body. Also, other ways can help you be positive at work such as listening to positive songs and watching motivational videos. 

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