10 essential customer service skills

By Parasolla | Updated on Nov 19, 2022

10 essential customer service skills

Providing high-quality customer service is one of the most important things that companies consider to build a good relationship with clients and attract more people.


Also, providing excellent customer service can help companies to increase sales and profits. So, you should be aware as a customer service employee that getting a job can be difficult sometimes because employers look for candidates that can provide the best service to the customers.


In this article, we are going to share with you 10 essential customer service skills to help you provide the service that the customers need.

1. Active Listening

The first skill you should consider when it comes to customer service is active listening. This means you should know how to listen to your clients and understand their desires.

When we talk about active listening, we mean that you should show your client that you are interested in his words and you try your best to provide him with the service he wants. 

Also, you must pay attention to all the important words that the customers say to save time and avoid asking the clients about their orders twice as this decrease the service quality.

In addition, be aware that you shouldn’t interrupt your customers for any reason, even if you knew what he wants because this kind of attitude shows that you don’t care about them. 


So, the first skill to provide high-quality customer service is to give your customer enough space to explain what he wants and understand what is required. 

2. Speaking Skills

Knowing how to speak effectively with clients is another important skill you must have as a customer service employee as you should have the ability to provide the clients with the required information by phone, on social media, or face-to-face.


So, you should have the ability to speak clearly, effectively, and deeply to make a difference with your customers. Also, you need to understand that speaking skills are the second phase of the communication process with the customer after listening.


As a result, you should know what your client wants by effective listening. Subsequently, you need to provide the services and products you offer in the best possible way through speaking skills.

3. Communication Skills

The third skill you must have is communication skills. When we talk about communication skills, we mean the ability to provide a perfect impression about you and the product you provide. Starting from active listening, understanding, and speaking and ending by getting your client satisfaction.


To build strong communication skills, you should concentrate on all the factors that can help you communicate with your customers in a better way. For example, you need to improve your listening & speaking skills. Also, you should know how to use your body language to affect your customer positively.


There are other things you can learn depending on your work natural such as knowing how to provide the appropriate product depending on your customer budget.

4. Time Management

Another important skill you should have to be a successful customer service employee is time management skills.


You should know how to save your time and manage it in the right way. Usually, companies that have customer service teams, serve a lot of customers every day. So, you need to understand that wasting a long time with one customer without getting the company target is worthless.

Instead of that, you should know how to serve the customers fast and smoothly. 


Another point related to time management skills is that some customers like to be served fast. Hence, you must provide your service to your customer in the shortest possible time and know how to divide your time to achieve the company targets.

5. Problem-Solving skills

One of the major skills that you need to have as a customer service employee is the ability to solve customers’ problems.


When we talk about Problem-solving skills, we mean that you should know exactly how to deal with potential problems that your clients have and solve them smoothly depending on the company policies. Also, you should understand that you have to use effective communication skills to solve problems because customers usually get angry when they have problems with the service. 


Another thing you should be aware of is; you need to know exactly what should you do depending on the problems you have and company rules.


For example, if the company doesn’t offer a discount for a specific product and the customer has a problem with the price. Don’t try to decrease the price to satisfy the client. Instead of that, you can convince the customer of the price or provide another product with a cheaper price.

6. Creativity

This kind of skill can’t be taught in schools because it is a kind of talent. Creativity in customer service work means the ability to achieve the best results with less effort.


If you wanted to be creative as a customer service employee, you should always look for new ways to improve your service quality. For example, you can build a list of interested customers in a specific product and send them offers when that product gets discounts or updates.

In this way, you can attract clients to visit the company site from time to time and increase sales.


Being creative depends on multiple factors such as the company you work in, the product you sell, and the kind of service you provide.

7. Knowledge of the service

Having enough knowledge of the service is one of the most important things you should have to provide high-quality service to your customers.


All you have to do is to study all the related information to the products and services that you give feedback about them. This step is a major point if you want to attract customers because your main duty is to answer customers' questions and provide them with all the required information.


Knowing the features of the products is not enough but you should know all the problems that those products have with prices and offers. In this way, you will be able to answer all your customer questions clearly and smoothly. 

8. Ability to work under pressure 

As a customer service employee, you need to understand that you should sometimes work under pressure and serve more than one customer at the same time without affecting the service quality.


To do that, you should train yourself to communicate with more than one customer at the same time and provide excellent service. 


When we talk about serving multiple customers, we mean that you should know how to control the situation without bothering the customers. For example, if you are talking with one customer and another customer asked you a question, you can greet and ask him respectfully to wait a moment until you finish talking with the current customer.   

9. Thinking skills

When it comes to customer service, you should have strong thinking skills to solve problems fast and provide the customers with what they want.


Thinking skill is the ability to analyze problems and solve them with the best available solution. Using these kinds of skills is important when it comes to unexpected problems. 


For example, if the customer didn’t want to buy a product because it doesn’t have a specific feature, you can provide him with the available products that have that feature. Instead of losing one sale, you could create a chance to sell another product.


So, you should always know how to think fast to solve customers’ problems and provide high-quality service.

10. Decision-Making skills

The last skill you need as a customer service employee is decision-making skills. This means that you should know how to make the right decision at the right time.


Making decisions can be related to any situation you have. For example, you should know how to make a decision about leaving a customer to serve another one. Also, you should know how to choose the tasks that have more importance.   

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