When you should buy a house

By Parasolla | Updated on Nov 07, 2022

When you should buy a house

Buying a house is one of the most important steps in our life but sometimes you get hesitant between buying a house or keep renting because you don’t know if you are ready to buy a house or not.


Everyone in the world has different circumstances and situations and we can’t give the same strategy for buying a house to everyone.


However, in this article, we are going to give you 6 important points you should consider to help you know when you should buy a house.

1. You have enough budget

The first point and the most important one you should check when you want to buy a house is your budget. This means you have enough cash to buy a house easily without the need to get into debt.


The required amount of money you should have in your bank account is different depending on the house you want to get. For example, if you want to buy a house that costs about $500,000, you should have at least $700,000 in your bank account. As a result, you shouldn’t spend ALL your money to buy a house because you maybe need money for other things in the future.


There is another option to buy a house which is buying a house in installments but we don’t recommend you try this way because the companies ask for at least 15% interest on the total price. 

This means if the house costs $200,000 in cash, you should pay $230,000 in installments! So, you should try your best to buy it in cash to avoid paying extra money. 

2. You have a strong income source 

Having enough budget doesn’t mean that you can buy a house right now but you should have a source of income to become moneyless after buying a house.


Hence, you should have a strong income source and enough cash to get ready to buy a house. The income sources are different depending on every person in the world. But, you should have at least a good job.


Having a good income source is important for people who buy their first house because they usually spend most of their budget on the house deal and they rely on their income source until they rebuild their budget.


If you don’t have an income source and you don’t have a strong budget, it is recommended to fix your income source first. Subsequently, think about buying a house.

Because trying to spend all your money on buying a house may put you in a critical situation and you may need to sell your house at a low price if you couldn’t fix your financial situation.

3. The houses prices are appropriate

The third point you should consider is the house prices. The prices of real estate increase and decrease depending on the market situation. So, you should choose the most appropriate time to buy a house without the need to pay extra money.


There is no constant formula you can use to buy a house at a low price but you can ask for help from a TRUSTFUL real estate agent to recommend you. However, you are not required to get a house at the lowest price because you are not an investor.


In general, buying a house at an appropriate price will give you the chance to resell it in the future when you get a higher price. So, be aware of this point to use it in the future.

4. You want to stable

Stability is another point that will help you decide about buying a house. If you want to be stable with your family and stop paying house rent, you can save your money and buy a house.


Buying a house instead of spending a lot of money on house rent will help you save a lot of your money and you can use that money to do other things such as getting a car or investing it in a business or even saving it in your bank account.

5. Buying a house is a financial goal

You should be aware that buying a house is one of the biggest financial steps you may be doing it in your life. So, you need to understand that buying a house is not a piece of cake because people usually spend more than 75% of their budget to get a house and some people get into debt and a big bank loan to buy a house.


As a result, you should have clear financial goals. This means you need to know when you should pay and how much you should pay and how much money will be left in your bank account. Also, if you are an investor or have a business, you need to analyze your situation to know if buying a house will affect your business or not.


In conclusion, you should have a clear vision of your financial situation before buying a house. 

6. Think about the future

Real estate is one of the best investments you may have because it is safe and profitable if you knew how to invest your money in it. 


Therefore, you need to think about the future of your house. This means you should know if you have the opportunity to sell your house at a higher price or not. However, you should consult a Real Estate Expert to give you options and provide you with the best suggestions in the market because the real estate market is complicated and depends on multiple factors such as the economy, demographics of the country, and trust in the market. Etc.

So, the best way to know if the house you want to buy has a bright future is to consult a Real Estate Expert.

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