How to start a distribution business from home in 8 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on May 05, 2022

How to start a distribution business from home in 8 steps

Staring a distribution business from home can be a good idea if you don’t have work as it can get you an income and improve your financial situation at the same time.

But starting a business from home is not easy and it can waste your time and money if you don’t know how to run it perfectly.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to start a distribution business from home in 8 steps.

1. Determine what you’re going to sell

The first thing you need to think about is your business niche as it will give you the main idea about the products you can sell.


Because you will start at home, it is highly recommended to choose a type of product that you can sustain for a long time without the need to put it in a refrigerator or something like that. 

In this way, you will keep your products safe and you will save more money as you don’t need to buy special devices to save the products.


In conclusion, stay away from foodstuffs because they need special conditions to sustain them for a long time. 

You can start with electric devices, computer components, clothes, …etc.


Another aspect you need to consider when you determine your distribution business idea is to choose an idea that you have a previous experience with. In this way, you will be able to buy the best products at the lowest prices and you will grow fast.

2. Find the best suppliers in the market 

The second step after choosing your products is to find the most appropriate suppliers in the market with the best prices.


This is one of the most important steps to being a successful wholesale distributor because getting your products at good prices will give you the ability to sell them at competitive prices to your customers. As a result, you can enter the market fast and get clients.


To find the best suppliers, you need to make a list of all available suppliers in the market and visit all of them to check their products and the prices. 

Also, you should make a research about the market situation and your potential competitors. 

After that, you can analyze all the previous data to build a perfect strategy to run your distribution business.

3. Prepare a place to use it for your business

After you chose your products and you found the most appropriate suppliers, it is time to allocate a place to store your products.


Because you will start at home, you can put your products inside the garage or a room that you don’t need. You should know the exact capacity of your storage and make sure that it is enough for your products.


As we’ve mentioned in the first step, don’t try to start with foodstuffs as they need special staff. Also, you will spend more money on that. 


In addition, make sure the process of transferring the products to and from your home is smooth. 

4. Get a business license

You must apply for the required business licenses to build a legal business.

To avoid making any mistakes, you should ask a lawyer and he can give you the advice about the appropriate legal documents you need to run your business.

5. Make a plan for your distribution business 

After you put all the basic steps to start your business, you should create a plan to cover all your business stages. 


Having a plan is a very important step because it helps you know all the requirements to start your distribution business.


Some important points you need to consider to write a good plan:

Summary: describe the general process

Products: include your products' quality and prices

Goals: determine your monthly goals

Budget: include the financial plan


There is no constant plan in the world, you should always develop your plan and find better ways to improve your business.

6. Market yourself to get customers

It is hard to start a business with no customers. Because nobody knows your business, nobody can buy from you.


So, you should promote yourself to get permanent customers. Hence, you will get sales and grow your business.


To get clients, you need to target a special category of people, after that, you can offer your products to them.


In the beginning, you may find it difficult to sell to people. But it will be easier in the future. The most important two things you need to do to get permanent customers are building trust with them and providing high-quality products.

7. Improve your business skills

There are some business skills you need to improve to develop your business and increase your chances to grow and get better.


The most important skill you need to improve is communication skills. Business is all about people and you should know how to communicate with your clients and how to sell to them.


There are other skills you need to consider to help you build a better business such as time management, Problem-solving, Budget management, … etc.

8. Grow your business

It is a good idea to start a distribution business from home but growing your business is a better idea. 


So, you can start your distribution business from home but you should put long-term goals to transfer your business from home to another place to serve more people.


If you wanted to grow your business, you should try your best to increase your sales and get more customers as those are the main two factors that can motivate you to grow your business.

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