How to turn an idea into a business

By Parasolla | Updated on Oct 09, 2022

How to turn an idea into a business

Turning your idea is not easy because the market is usually full of competitors. So, you should understand how to study all the required aspects before running a business to avoid losing money and time.


The perfect method to turn your idea into a business is different from one idea to another depending on the business requirements in the market.


In this article, we are going to share with you the best 7 steps you should consider to turn your idea into a business.

1. Make research about the market

The first thing you need to do is to make research the market situation to understand how your idea can live in the market. 


When we talk about making research about the market, we mean that you should know who is the most successful business that has an idea similar to your project idea. In this way, you will be able to know what you need to run your business. Also, you will have an idea about the successful companies do to succeed. 


Another thing you should study when you make your research about the market is to know your target customers and the effective ways to sell them. For example, you want to start a business to sell sports shoes. You must know that most of your customers will be young people or people who love to do sport.

So, it will be a perfect idea to start your shop in front of a place that has kinds of sports such as GYM centers, football, and basketball clubs, Fitness centers … etc.


In this way, you will know your potential clients, competitors, and what you need to turn your idea into a business. 

2. Identify your idea requirements

After you make research the market, you need to determine what you need to begin. This means you need to identify all the things you should have to start the project.


The minimum requirements are different from one business to another. So, you should know what are the minimum requirement by yourself.


For instance, if you want to open a supermarket, you need an appropriate shop in a suitable place “Location”. Also, you should build all the required items inside your store such as the supermarket shelves, departments, materials, … etc. As a result, you will have a deep idea about the things you should buy and the costs you should pay, also, you will know the potential monthly and yearly expenses such as the rent.

3. Make a plan 

Determining your business requirements is not enough to run a business, you should also have a clear vision to avoid other problems and mistakes you may face in the future.


So, you should make an accurate plan to start your business from scratch. Hence, you can know if you have enough resources to run your idea. For example, you should make a plan to rent an office for your business and how much money you should pay for the expenses, and when you can make your first sales.


Also, you should make sure that you have enough budget to support your business from the beginning until making sales. All of these things must be prepared with a precise plan to avoid getting unexpected problems in the future.

4. Create a marketing strategy

Everyone in the world can start a business but not everyone can make SALES which is one of the most important things that make a business successful or unsuccessful.


When it comes to sales, you should think about your marketing strategy. In this step, you should prepare the marketing strategy you will follow to make sales in your business. 

There are a lot of ways to promote your business idea, you can try multiple ways and choose the best one.


Some ways to promote your business:

1. You can use google ads

2. Facebook ads are another good way

3. Advertising on Instagram is perfect too.

4. Use local TV to reach local people.

All you have to do is to choose the best way and use it to market your products but be aware that you should consider marketing seriously to get the results you want.

5. Create a budget 

This is another important thing you should consider before you think about starting your business because, without money, you can’t do anything.


So, you should create a professional budget plan for your business idea. When we talk about a professional plan, we mean that you should have enough skill to manage the required money for your business and turn your money into a successful investment.


Some companies earn less than 10 cents from selling one product but that doesn’t mean they don’t earn. Because they know how to manage their business budget, they sell more and earn more. So, you should have a similar vision to turn your idea into a successful business.


As a result, you should make a plan to manage your money from the beginning until your business starts making enough profits. If you don’t have enough financial skills, you can ask for help from a financial expert to give you the best solutions.

6. Determine your business structure

When we talk about the business structure, we mean the process your business should follow to produce. 


The company structure is related directly to the employees. So, you should identify which employees you’re going to hire and how your business is going to work. 

The appropriate business structure is different from one company to another but the most important thing you should consider when you make your business structure is to consider the best way to manage tasks.


For example, let’s assume that you will start a factory to produce a kind of food and you need 50 workers to run your factory machines. If you left your workers to work randomly without having a team leader to monitor them, you will lose your money and time, and you will not get the expected products you want because you have the wrong structure.


If we took the same previous example, and we choose a skillful manager and participated the workers into small groups with team leaders, we will have the required products every day because we can manage your workers easily as you have a successful business structure.

7. Start your business

After you analyzed all the previous steps carefully, it is time to start your business and turn your ideas into reality. 


You may be having problems when you try to start your business but you should be aware that you will always have challenges when you want to start a business. All you have to do is be positive and try your best to defeat challenges until you build a successful business.

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