How to promote your online store on Instagram in 6 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on June 13, 2022

How to promote your online store on Instagram in 6 steps

Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote your business because it has more than one billion monthly active users.


But promoting your online store on Instagram can waste your money and time if you don’t know how to do it in the right way.


In this article, we are going to give you 6 important steps to promote your eCommerce on Instagram.

1. Create a business account

The first step you need to do before thinking about promoting your online store on Instagram is to create a business account as this will help you get more features to control everything related to your clients.


Also, it will give you more tools to analyze the engagements with your posts. So, you can find out what are the favorite products of your audience. So, you can promote them in the future to get more sales.


In Addition, you can add your online store link and contact information to your Instagram account. Hence, you can get visitors to your store directly from your Instagram.

2. Make a professional page

Creating a business account is not enough to build trust with people and get millions of sales every day. You should make a professional page to demonstrate your store well.


When we talk about a professional account, we mean that you should design a perfect logo and put it as your Instagram photo. Also, you must add a Bio which should be your eCommerce slogan. Hence, you must choose it carefully and make sure it demonstrates your business well.


Another thing you should consider when you make your profile is you should add stories about your products from time to time to let your followers know what you sell and what’s new in your store.

3. Add perfect posts to your Instagram account

After you created a business account for your store and you made a perfect page, it is time to add some posts about the products you have in your store.


Make sure that your posts are clear and attractive. As a result, you must make sure that you add high-quality pictures because most Instagram users like to see amazing photos. 

Also, you need to add appropriate titles to your posts to let your clients know your product's specifications to encourage them to buy your products.

Another thing you need to consider when you post on Instagram, you should promote one product only in one post. In this way, you will be able to promote a specific product in the future easily. 

Also, you can analyze your marketing campaigns on Instagram easily as every post demonstrates one product.


Also, you should add hashtags at the end of your post title because this can help you reach target people depending on the keywords. 

4. Invite your friends to support you

After you added some attractive posts to your Instagram account, and you published your store products, it is time to start promoting your store.


The first step to promoting your online store on Instagram is to ask your friends and relatives to support you online. So, you can ask them to follow your account and give you likes and comments. This step can be very useful as you start an account with 0 followers. 


Inviting your friends to support you will add some followers to your dashboard and they can be your first clients if they liked your products. Also, they will promote your online store to more people.

5. Promote your online store on Instagram

This is the most important step to growing fast on Instagram. Because nobody knows you, nobody will buy from you. So, you should promote your store products to reach more people and get more sales.


To do that, you should use paid ads on Instagram. All you have to do is to choose the posts that achieve the highest engagements from your audience. After that, you should create an Ad to reach more target customers and get more sales.


You should be aware that you need to make a balance between your sales and your ad costs. This means, your ad costs must be less than your profits. For example, if you can earn $10 from selling one product from your store, the advertisement campaign must be less than $10.


Creating a balance between your advertisement campaign costs and your product's profits is not easy as the sales rates can be different from one product to another.


So, to avoid losing money on some worthless advertisement campaigns, you can run multiple ads at the same time, and analyze the results. Subsequently, you should choose the most appropriate campaigns that can cost less money and get you more sales.

6. Analyze the results

There is no constant plan in the world. This mean, you always should analyze your sales results and find new ways to develop your store.


For example, you can start focusing on the advertisement campaigns that get you more money. Also, you can add new products to your eCommerce to get more clients. 


Another thing you need to consider is to keep up with the market requirement and understand what your clients want to grow your store and keep getting the sales that you want.


In addition, analyzing the results means that you should analyze the peoples' comments to know your store mistakes and solve them to provide a better experiment to your clients.

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