How to promote your business through email marketing

By Parasolla | Updated on Aug 24, 2022

How to promote your business through email Marketing?

email marketing is one of the best choices because it allows you to contact your customers directly without the need to pay money for ads or spend money to find real buyers.


Also, it helps you collect a list of customers that are always ready to visit your website and buy from you because of the people who subscribe to your website TRUST you.


In this article, we are going to teach you how to build an email list fast. And how you can promote your business through email marketing using the best strategies.

1. Choose an email marketing service

The first thing you need to do to start email marketing on your website is to choose an appropriate email marketing service that can give you technical support and save the contacts. So, you can promote your business easily with emails.


There are too many choices in the market but you should choose a service that can provide you with the best options to control your contacts and promote your business smoothly.


In this article, we are going to choose GetResponse to promote your business with email marketing as it provides so many features. And it provides a limited email marketing plan. So, you can test its service first and if you liked it, you can use it as a permanent email marketing service for your business. 

2. Design professional forms

Forms are the key to success when it comes to collecting subscribers because it gives a good impression about the services and products that you can offer.


So, you should think carefully before launching a subscription form on your site because it can affect your business either positively or negatively your website. Hence, you must make an easy to subscribe and attractive forms. 

Also, you should write what benefits the users can get in the future if they subscribed to your website.

For example, subscribe to get our latest offers and discounts. 

Another example, subscribe and get a 15% discount when you buy your first product.


Another thing you need to consider when you build the subscription forms is the colors and designs. Make sure it is attractive and easy to subscribe to. In this way, you will be able to get subscribers faster.


GetResponse provides you with a wide range of different forms. In addition, you can design your forms yourself to make them more appropriate for your website.   

3. Publish it on your website

After you chose some professional subscription forms, it is time to publish them on your website. 


When we talk about publishing the forms on your website, we don’t mean that you should add your forms everywhere on your website but you should use some strategies when you add the forms to your website.


For example, if you are a blogger, you can add the forms inside your articles and write “Subscribe to get notifications when we publish new content”


Another example is if you have a store online, you can add forms among your products and ask people to subscribe to get discounts in the future.


Another place you may use to add the forms is the sidebar. It is one of the best ways to let your visitors notice that you have a subscription system. 

4. Grow your contact list

You can’t use email marketing if you don’t have enough contacts. So, you should focus on growing your contact list first. After that, you can promote your business with emails.


There are not so many choices to grow your contact list because most people who subscribe to the sites are permanent visitors. So, the only available strategy is to build professional forms, publish them, and ask your visitors to subscribe.


If you don’t have enough visitors, you should find a way to promote your website or store, and the visitors who like your offers will subscribe to your site. 

The most important thing to attract visitors and grow your contact list is to offer valuable service because no one likes to subscribe to a worthless website.  

5. Encourage subscriptions.

As we’ve mentioned in the second step, you should offer a valuable service to encourage people to subscribe to your website.


Imagine that you only put forms on your website without giving any kind of offers to the visitors! Who is going to subscribe?

Of course, nobody.


So, you should add a brief explanation to the forms to encourage people to subscribe to your site. For example, subscribe and get a 10% discount for your first 10 orders.


In this way, the visitors will subscribe to your forms for a reason which is to get a 10% discount for the first 10 orders. 

Also, you can encourage visitors to subscribe to your website through your content. For instance, if you have videos on your website, you can ask people to subscribe to your website to get notifications in the future.

6. Promote your business

After you build your contact email and you get at least 500 contacts, you can think about promoting your business through email marketing.


Using emails to market your business does not mean that you should send emails every day to the subscribers to attract them and let them visit your site and buy from you.

That does not work!


You should create a plan and have clear goals when you send emails to the subscribers. 

The equation is easy. To get success in email marketing, you should send emails that the customers love to read. For example, if you have a store, you should send offers and discounts to your customers.


In this way, you will get sales fast and you will encourage your customers to visit your website when they get your emails.

Trying to send emails randomly will generate you nothing and will lead to losing your subscribers.

7. Analyze the results

The last step is to analyze the results and keep monitoring the subscriber’s behaviors. For example, you can repeat the offers that generate more visitors, sales, and profits.

Also, you should stop the emails that don’t achieve the goals you want.

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