8 ways to promote your product

By Parasolla | Updated on Sep 05, 2022

8 ways to promote your product


Building a perfect product is not enough to get sales and attract people to buy from you. You should consider marketing your products to reach people and introduce your services to them.


The equation is simple. If nobody knows your product, nobody is going to buy from you. So, you should use effective ways to reach your clients and sell them.


In this article, we are going to share with you the best 8 ways to promote your product.

1. Build a website to promote your product

The first way to market your product is to build a website or blog to publish your products to your audience and start reaching your potential customers.


Building a website to promote your business is an effective way because it allows you to add all your company information to your website and make a direct link to your products. This means, that the people who like your products and services will save your website link to buy from you whenever they needed.


Another benefit of having a website is to design your store in a way your audience like it. For example, you can add multiple tabs to your site to let the visitors buy what they want fast without the need to navigate all the website to find a specific product.


There are two main ways to build a website:

The first way: You can hire a web designer to design a website for your products from scratch. But this way costs some money.


The second way: You can do it yourself by creating your blog on WordPress easily. 

2. Use Google Ads

Google ads are another perfect way to promote your products because it allows you to use ads to drive people directly to buy your products.


Using Google ads is one of the best ways to reach your clients because you can use a lot of features to target a specific category of people. For instance, you can target people who are older than 27. Or you can target the people who are interested in clothes. Also, you can target only women. 


There are a lot of other features that you can find when you use google ads to promote your products. 


Another advantage of using google ads is that you only need to pay when you get clicks to your website. For example, let’s assume that you got 4,000 impressions of your ads but didn’t get visitors, this ad will cost you nothing.

In addition, you can determine how much you want to spend every day. In this case, Google ads will stop automatically when you reach your daily budget.

3. Facebook & Instagram Ads

The third way to promote your products is to use Facebook & Instagram Ads to reach your clients and offer your services to them. 


This method is good for promoting your products when you want to get reviews because you post your ads directly on Facebook and Instagram accounts. So, the people who like or dislike your products will interact with your posts. 

You can use this way to get reviews about your products as reviews to help you to improve your services and get more sales.


You have some good options when you use Instagram & Facebook ads such as identifying the age and the country you want to target. 

The ads on Facebook are measured by impressions, not clicks. This means, your advertising budget will be consumed even if you didn’t get clicks.

4. Use social media platforms

Facebook and Instagram are not the only platforms on social media. You can use other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit to promote your products.


The most important thing you need to consider when it comes to promoting on social media is to grow your audience. After that, you can market your products to your audience and get sales.


Using social media to promote your business is an effective way because you usually reach your potential clients directly without the need to pay money and run ads. Also, you get permanent clients when you get permanent followers.


But this way may take a long time until you reach people and grow your accounts on social media. Also, you may need to use some ads, in the beginning, to get some followers as it is hard to start with 0 followers.

5. Offer free samples

Another way to promote your products is to offer free samples. 

When you have a new product, you can let people test your products for free and if they liked your product they will pay the next time.


This way helps you build a good reputation among people. And they will start promoting your product for free to their relatives and friends. 


There are too many ways to let people test your products but you should be aware that you need to apply this method in a location where you have potential clients.

6. Offer discounts

Discounts are a magic tool to attract people and let them test and buy your products. People always like to buy products that have discounts.


So, you can use this method to attract people to buy from you and test your products. You should be aware that publishing random discount offers will not help you get sales. You should use exclusive offers. As a result, you need to have knowledge of your competitors’ discounts and try your best to offer better discounts to promote your products in the best way.

Another thing you need to consider when you want to provide discounts, you should be aware that your offers should have long and short-term goals. For example, you can use discounts until you get 100 sales. After that, you will use another way or you will change the offers. 

7. Email Marketing 

This is another good way to promote your products by sending emails to interested people and offering them your last services and products.

This way of promoting products needs two main things:

You should have a website and an email marketing service to manage your email contacts. 


We recommend you to use GetResponse email marketing service as it offers a lot of features.

All you have to do is to add forms to your website and the visitors who like your services will submit their emails to you and you will use those emails to promote your products in the future.

8. Use Local Advertising campaigns 

The last way to promote your products is to use a Local Advertising Campaign through agencies where you can promote your products to the local society. 


The cost of using this way is different from one agency to another depending on its requirements and the places they offer to promote your products. For example, promoting your products in active places like markets and malls may be more expensive than advertising your products on the roads.


However, you should visit some local advertising agencies and ask them to provide you with campaigns they can do and the costs.


This is a good way if you want to promote a product to the local people because this way is only appropriate if you wanted to grow your business locally.

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