How to market your business on Instagram in 5 steps

By Parasolla | Updated on Sep 21, 2022

How to market your business on Instagram in 5 steps


Instagram is one of the best platforms for marketing as it has more than 1.44 billion monthly active users. 


So, you can use this platform to promote your business and reach your potential clients.


In this article, we are going to give you the best plan to market your business on Instagram in 5 steps.

1. Create a professional business account

The first thing you should consider when you want to start with Instagram is creating a business account instead of a personal account because the business account has a lot of features that the normal account doesn’t have.


After that, you should make it professional. When we talk about a professional account, we mean that your account must have all the essential things that can attract people to trust you and buy from you in the future.


There are multiple things you should do after creating your business account on Instagram such as adding a professional logo, and business information (Address, official email, and telephone number). Also, you should add your business slogan to inspire your page visitors.

2. Build your content 

After you created a professional business account, you should create high-quality content. This means you should add at least 10 – 20 professional posts. So, the people will have something to see when they visit your page for the first time.



To do that, you should consider the following important points:


1. Add high-quality pictures: Instagram is all about pictures and most Instagram users like high-quality images. So, you should consider adding perfect images to avoid losing followers in the future.

2. Write an inspiring description: You should add a relevant and attractive description under the images to encourage people to interact with your content.

3. Add #hashtags: there are a lot of people on Instagram who follow specific hashtags such as #clothes #sport. So, you should add relevant hashtags to your posts.

In this way, you will be able to reach more people and look more professional at the same time. 

4. Post relevant content: All your content should be about your business because people like to follow you for a reason. Imagine that you followed an account about cars. And, you got surprised that you get posts about animals, world news, and medicine!!! 

So, you should keep your business on the truck and add only relevant posts to your business.

3. Grow your audience

In the beginning, nobody will trust you as you have 0 followers and 0 likes. Also, no one will like to interact with your posts. 


So, you need to build your business account from scratch and invite people that you know to follow your page on Instagram. This step is very useful because you will be able to get a high-quality audience who are ready to give you likes, comments, and shares. 

Also, you may get your first few sales through family and friends.


Getting some followers is the first step to marketing your business on Instagram because you build trust with people.

4. Promote your posts

This is the major step that will help you promote your business on Instagram but you should be aware that all the previous steps are essential to reach this step.


After you build a professional account on Instagram and you have some followers, it is time to create a strategy to promote your business.


There are two main ways to promote your business on Instagram:


1. Use ads: Ads are the most popular way to promote your business on Instagram. All you have to do is to create campaigns to promote your posts that have the highest interaction rates to reach the interested people. After that, you will start getting followers, likes, and comments. Subsequently, you can promote your products to get sales. 


Instagram ads have multiple features such as choosing the age, language, and location of the targeted people before starting your campaign. In this way, you can reach a targeted audience and increase your chances to get more followers, and sales.

2. Promoting through Instagram influencers: This is another perfect way to reach interested people and grow your business on Instagram. You can contact one of the Instagram influencers and ask them to promote your business on his page. This kind of marketing on Instagram is effective and can help you grow in a short period but it can be costly.


In both of the previous ways, you should create a plan before starting because marketing is all about reaching people. So, you should know what the best way is and how you can use it in the right way.

5. Analyze the results 

This is the last step in the marketing process and it is so important.

After running a campaign, you should analyze the results you got from it and make sure you are in the right way.


Running ads on Instagram randomly will waste your time and money. So, you should analyze every ad you run after specific periods to make sure it is effective. For example, you should check that your ads get people’s attention. Also, you need to know if you get enough sales from your campaigns. As a result, you will understand if you spend money on a valuable campaign or not.


Another important thing you need to consider is to make a balance between sales and marketing costs. For example, if the product you promote costs $40, the cost of your campaign to sell one product should be less than $40 to achieve the profits you want. In this way, you will make a balance between marketing and profits. As a result, you can spend more money without the fear of losing your money because you spend money on marketing from one side and you get money from selling your product from another side.

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