8 Marketing tips for beginners

By Parasolla | Updated on Nov 12, 2022

8 Marketing tips for beginners

Marketing is one of the most important steps in any business to get sales and achieve short and long-term goals. But using the wrong strategies to promote your products can waste your time and cost you a lot of money.


So, you should be aware that there are some essential points about marketing you need to understand before trying to promote a product or business to avoid losing money and not achieving the company's goals.


In this article, we are going to give 8 marketing tips for beginners that can help you understand marketing faster and run your marketing campaigns in the right way.

1. Determine your marketing requirements

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to marketing is that you cannot use the same strategy to promote different products or services because every product has different requirements in the market. 


A simple example, if you wanted to promote adults & children's clothes, you should understand that the customers of adult clothes are adult people and the customers of children's clothes are families who have children. As a result, you cannot use the same way to promote your products to different categories.


So, the first thing you need to do before running a marketing campaign is to understand who are your potential clients. After that, you should know how you can reach your customers because every specific category of people has a different way you can use to reach them. For example, you can use the newspaper to promote your business to people who are interested in reading.


Or, you can use radio ads to reach people who love to listen to the radio, especially the people who have cars because most people listen to the radio when they drive!  Also, you can use social media platforms to reach young or old people. There are too many ways to promote a business but the important thing is to choose the most appropriate one.

2. Be active on social media

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to promote a business. So, you should be active on different platforms to know more about people's interests and wants.

Marketing on social media is not different from other ways but social media ads can help you as a beginner to reach your clients faster and promote your business to reach the people you want. For example, you can use Facebook ads to reach people who live in New York or you can configure your campaign to reach people who are between 20 – 42 years old.


Also, using social media for marketing can help you communicate with your clients faster. For example, you can add buttons to your promoted post such as contact us, send a message, etc. 

So, we recommend you as a beginner be active on different social media platforms to reach more potential clients and get better marketing results.

3. Create an official website

The third tip we can give you is to create an official website for the business you want to promote because having a website helps your customers access your products and services easily. Also, it can help people reach you faster on Google.


So, you should consider this point if you want to achieve better marketing results and reach your customers easier. Another benefit of having a website is giving your customers better chances to trust you as people usually don’t trust a business that doesn’t have official websites on the internet.


There are too many ways to create a website but it depends on your business requirements and what you want to include in your website. For example, you can create a simple blog on WordPress or you can ask a web designing company to do that for you.

4. Use creative ways for marketing

Another point you should consider as a beginner in marketing is that promoting a product doesn’t mean the ability to make sales. So, you need to be aware that using creative ideas to promote products is essential to attract customers.


When we talk about creative ways, we mean the ability to create professional content such as high-quality pictures and amazing videos that can attract people to watch your ads and get inspired to buy your products.


The creative ways you can use to promote your products are different depending on multiple factors such as the marketing method, clients, and business type. So, you should analyze all the included factors and create an amazing marketing item depending on that.

5. Understand your customers’ desires

The fifth tip for you as a beginner is to understand your customer's desires. This means you should know what your clients want and why they want that and what you should add to your marketing campaign to attract them.


Knowing what your customers want can save you a lot of money, and increase sales because when you promote to your customers in the right way, you increase your chances of getting more sales.


But you should be aware that understating the customers’ wants is not an easy mission especially for a beginner because it depends on multiple factors and you should analyze a lot of data to improve the quality of your marketing campaigns.

6. Allocate a budget for marketing

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of businesses do is not allocating a budget for marketing and promoting their products only when their sales decrease!!

Marketing is one of the most important departments in companies that sell their products directly to people and you should understand as a beginner marketer that achieving marketing goals need a budget and this budget is changeable depending on the market and company situation.


For example, hotels around the world can get more customers during the tourist season. So, if you want to get more guests in the hotel, you must promote the hotel services during the tourist season to get the best results. So, you can spend more money on marketing campaigns in these months and spend less in other times of the year.


That was a simple example, but you should be aware that having an appropriate budget is essential for any successful marketing campaign.

7. Identify the targets

Marketing targets are another important point you should consider when you want to run a campaign because it helps you know how many sales you must achieve and how much money you can spend to achieve that number of sales.


So, before starting any marketing campaign, you should have daily, weekly and monthly targets. Also, you need to have two types of goals: 

Short-term goals: 

These can include the goals you should achieve after three, or six months.


Long-term goals: 

These can include the goals you need to accomplish after a year, two years, or even five years.


Having these goals helps you as a marketer to know if you are in the right way and what you should improve to get better results in the future.

8. Get reviews

The last tip on our list you should know as a marketer is getting reviews about your product and service quality. These reviews can help you a lot to improve your product to get better marketing results.


There are a lot of ways you can use to get reviews about your products and services such as encouraging people to assess your services through comments on different social media platforms. Or making voting posts on your official accounts. Or even you can take paid surveys to encourage people to assess your products and services. The most important thing is to take the reviews seriously and improve your services to get better results.  

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